Unfamiliar Familiarities Of Kashmir

Mahatta presents the group exhibition "Unfamiliar Familiarities of Kashmir". The exhibition aims to showcase the many aspects of the land and its people. it will cover the varying landscapes, seasons, culture and the exciting and poetic enigma of Kashmir. The exhibition is divided into the following sections:

  • 1. Gardens of Kashmir
  • 2. Pilgrimage sites of Kashmir
  • 3. Lakes of Kashmir
  • 4. Tourist Attractions (Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg)
  • 5. Unseen places or unique places of Kashmir
  • 6. Food & Culture of Kashmir (people, clothes, professions, religious, street life)

Guidelines For Submission:

  • 1. Minimum 60 MB file size
  • 2. JPEG or Tiff file of artwork
  • 3. Caption, description & keywords of images should be there
  • 4. Images could be paintings, photography, digital paintings, mixed media, sketches, illustrations, drawings.
  • 5. Sale of Work: Since it is an exhibition sponsored by Mahatta Art, 50% commission is charged on sale of every reprint. Paintings and photographs will be sold in the gallery during the exhibition and as well as on online on www.mahattaart.com
  • 6. Printing and framing: Printing and framing services are provided by Mahatta Art. All frame size are fixed any change would be chargeable.
  • 7. All work needs to be submitted on http://mahatta.com/submission/
  • 8. Archiving: Shows are archived and sold on www.mahattaart.com with the image, title and name of the artist.
  • 9. Installation: Professional installation and de-installation of your show by mahatta gallery according to gallery guidelines (exceptions: artist's site-specific installation).